A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...



A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life


MI Varnish



GC America Proudly Introduces:

MI Varnish®
Bioavailable Calcium, Phosphate & Fluoride for an Enhanced Varnish Treatment




MI Varnish® Patient Satisfaction

When choosing a fluoride varnish, efficacy is critical, however, patient satisfaction is also very important when it comes to flavor and color. A fluoride varnish is applied on the tooth surface and your patients do not want to leave the office with a yellow-ish brown tint on their teeth. The color of the fluoride varnish should blend in easily on the tooth when applied. A white, natural coloring increases the acceptance of the flouride varnish treatment and opens the door for the additional treatments in the future. A fluoride varnish should be clinically transparent on the teeth. Comparison of the leading fluoride varnishes upon opening demonstrates the importance of color and a patient-friendly reaction.

Your patients will love GC America's MI Varnish. MI Varnish flows easily. Its appealing white, translucent shade does not immediately clump upon exposure to saliva, allowing ease of use and longer working time. MI Varnish is clear when applied and flows easily into interproximal areas, due to its viscosity.

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