A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...



A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life


Aadva IOS



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

Aadva™ IOS
Intra-oral Scanning System

MI Paste ONE



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

MI Paste® ONE
One Step Toothpaste with RECALDENT™ Technology

GC Initial LiSi Press



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

GC Initial® LiSi Press
High Strength Lithium Disilicate with HDM Technology

G-CEM LinkForce



GC America Proudly Introduces:

G-CEM LinkForce®
Dual Cure Adhesive Resin Cement

G-ænial Sculpt



GC America Proudly Introduces:

G-ænial Sculpt®
Light-Cured, Universal Nano Hybrid Compactable Composite




GC America Proudly Introduces:

EQUIA Forte®
Bulk Fill, Fluoride Releasing, Glass Hybrid Restorative System




GC America Proudly Introduces:

Force Absorbing, Flexible Nano Ceramic CAD/CAM Block




GC America Proudly Introduces:

Light-cured Characterization Coating




Laboratory CE Course Registration Form
From Protype to Fixed Polymer: GC Initial® LiSi Press Combined with PEKKTON

In this hands-on course, Alexander Wünsche CDT, ZT, is teaching his technique for high performance polymer hybrids in combination with GC Initial® LiSi Press, in a digital protocol. GC Initial LiSi Press ingot selection and polymer design is part of the course, as well as the finishing touches with pink composite. The critical bonding protocol of the GC Initial LiSi Press crowns to the PEKKTON† Frame will be trained and finished with OPTIGLAZE™ Color. Every attendee will be working and finishing a restoration during the two-day hands-on workshop. Attendees should bring: Porcelain and composite instruments, rotary instruments for ceramics and composites, camera (if available) and FUN!
†PEKKTON is a registered trademark of Cendres+Métaux Holding SA.

Alexander Wünsche CDT, ZT
Friday, July 20, 2018 and Saturday, July 21, 2018

Course Type:
Hands-On & Lecture
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (each day; CST)

GC America Inc. (Education Center)
4300 W. 123rd Street
Alsip, IL 60803
Monique Cano
GC America Inc.
800.323.7063, ext. 3009

CE Credits Provided:
14 CDT