A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...



A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life





GC America Proudly Introduces:

Modular Composite System for Indirect Restorations

GC Fuji® Automix LC



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

GC Fuji® Automix LC
Resin-reinforced Light-cured Glass Ionomer Restorative with Ergonomic Dispenser

G-ænial BULK Injectable



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

G-ænial™ BULK Injectable
Universal Light-Cured Injectable Composite for Bulk Fill Restorations

G-ænial Universal Injectable



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

G-ænial™ Universal Injectable
Universal Light-Cured Radiopaque Injectable Composite

Aadva IOS



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

Aadva™ IOS
Intra-oral Scanning System

MI Paste ONE



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

MI Paste® ONE
One Step Toothpaste with RECALDENT™ Technology

GC Initial LiSi Press



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

GC Initial® LiSi Press
High Strength Lithium Disilicate with HDM Technology

G-CEM LinkForce



GC America Proudly Introduces:

G-CEM LinkForce®
Dual Cure Adhesive Resin Cement




GC America Proudly Introduces:

EQUIA Forte®
Bulk Fill, Fluoride Releasing, Glass Hybrid Restorative System




GC America Proudly Introduces:

Force Absorbing, Flexible Nano Ceramic CAD/CAM Block




LC 3 Chevron 1 Laboratory CE Course Registration Form
Removable Prosthetics: Basics & Beyond

This course was developed to address the interest many technicians have expressed regarding not only high end fabrication techniques but also the basic procedures and nuances that establish a consistent quality in a labs standard work. Don’t be fooled, there are many basic techniques that on the surface sound basic but once explained and demonstrated can elevate every day dentures to a higher level. This course is also ideal for those wishing to learn contour and color coordination as it applies to digital design and manufacture using composite color overlay. This 2 day course is designed to address the basics and beyond of denture construction as learned, modified, and implemented by Thomas Zaleske, AS. It consists of PowerPoint presentation, over the shoulder demonstration, and hands-on instruction. Topics include: The Basics (the model bench; record/communication/optional tools; tooth arrangement to accommodate ridge form; waxing contour and color in coordination with Day 2 GRADIA® PLUS composite overlay; packing, processing, and finishing conventional and optional/NATURE-CRYL® SUPER HI IMPACT and microwave acrylics) and Beyond the Basics (tooth character through contour and color/OPTIGLAZE™ Color; base colorization using internal and external techniques/GRADIA® PLUS/Gum; metal and acetyl colorization using GRADIA® PLUS opaque). Participants should bring: (2) setup and waxed arches either 1 upper, 1 lower or 2 of same ready for contour and color; (2) processed, trimmed, and pumiced pre-finished arches for tooth colorization and acrylic colorization; loupes, lab coat, and favorite waxing/carving tools.

LC 3 Image KOL TZaleske


Thomas Zaleske, AS

Course Type:

Hands-On & Lecture

CE Credits Provided:

14 CDT


GC America Inc. (Education Center)
4300 W. 123rd Street
Alsip, IL 60803
For directions, click here


Friday, August 16, 2019 & Saturday, August 17, 2019


8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (CST; each day)




Toni Cusimano
GC America Inc.
800.323.7063, ext. 3006
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