A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...



A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life


MI Paste ONE



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

MI Paste® ONE
One Step Toothpaste with RECALDENT™ Technology

GC Initial LiSi Press



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

GC Initial™ LiSi Press
High Strength Lithium Disilicate with HDM Technology

G-CEM LinkForce



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

G-CEM LinkForce™
Dual Cure Adhesive Resin Cement

GC Initial LiSi



GC America Proudly Introduces:

GC Initial™ LiSi
Specialized Veneering Ceramic for Lithium Disilicate

G-ænial Sculpt



GC America Proudly Introduces:

G-ænial Sculpt®
Light-Cured, Universal Nano Hybrid Compactable Composite




GC America Proudly Introduces:

Light-cured Characterization Coating




GC America Proudly Introduces:

EQUIA® Forte
Bulk Fill, Fluoride Releasing, Glass Hybrid Restorative System




GC America Proudly Introduces:

Force Absorbing, Flexible Nano Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

GC Initial



GC America Proudly Introduces:

GC Initial™
Complete Ceramic System




As a manufacturer of the entire spectrum of dental care materials, GC America believes that oral health is integral to a person’s overall health.  We are in the business of protecting people's health by living our quality policy.


Our mission is to develop, produce and distribute products that meet these needs.  Our quality systems are designed to address each stage of a products lifecycle maintaining a high level of quality throughout these processes is paramount.  We strive to surpass the world standard of quality.  We are a registered ISO 13485 and FDA registered medical device manufacturer.  We meet the requirements of these standards, but operate under a TQM mantra that goes above and beyond the scope of these quality systems.  All of these efforts ensure that we have a non-wavering focus on delivering a top quality product to our customers).

As part of the TQM philosophy we recognize the company’s potential impact on the environment.  We participate in corporate efforts aimed to protect the global environment.  Each stage of a product's life is examined for the impact of our products on resources and the environment.  We examine the use of our products to ensure the same targets, and we examine disposal methods for our products.

ISO 13485