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Dr. James C. Burden, DMD, FAGD
Dr. James C. Burden, DMD, FAGD, is a 1999 Graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia and a 2000 Graduate of Virtua-West Jersey Health Systems General Practice Residency in Camden, New Jersey. In 2001, Dr. Burden started an in-home practice to provide dental care for those with confining disabilities that were unable to travel to a traditional office. He opened an office providing care exclusively to those 62 and older, in 2002. Dr. Burden earned Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry in 2007. In 2009, he opened his third practice, New Paradigm Dentistry®, in Millstone, New Jersey, a practice focusing exclusively on micro and minimally invasive dentistry. Whether treating a frail home-bound patient, senior citizen, adult, or child, Dr. Burden's core belief is to provide minimally invasive care. Application of this core belief varies among age groups, risk factors, life styles and abilities. Using a common sense medical model approach to dental caries, he employs a combination of early diagnostic, management and treatment modalities to provide cutting edge, minimally invasive dentistry for his patients in all three aspects of daily practice. Dr. Burden has been sharing his treatment philosophy with dental residents and study groups for several years, both in lecture format and in-office, hands-on instruction.

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