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How GC America's Revolutionary Ingot, GC InitialTM LiSi Press, Combines Predictability and High Value Esthetics: An Interview with Dental Lab Technician, Bill Marais, RDT
Lab Technician, Bill Marais, RDT, discusses the optimized new
features of GC InitialTM LiSi Press that will prevent unnecessary Fremakes and guarantee stable, gorgeous esthetics.
or too long, labs and dentists have been forced to sacrifice esthetics for durability (or vice versa) in the process of creating restorations. GC America has the solution to this frustrating
lack of an excellent pressable ceramic: GC Initial LiSi Press.
(GC InitialTM LiSi Press' life-like esthetics)
GC Initial LiSi Press is a revolutionary new high strength lithium disilicate ingot from GC with HDM (High Density Micronization) Technology. This proprietary new technology provides unsurpassed physical properties, while obtaining the most esthetic pressed ceramic option on the market today.
This amazing new material from GC attributes these benefits to new HDM Technology. The technology utilizes equally dispersed lithium disilicate micro-crystals to fill the entire glass matrix, rather than using traditional larger size crystals that do not take full advantage of the entire matrix structure.
As a result, GC Initial LiSi Press creates the ultimate combination of strength and esthetics, making it perfectly suitable for all different types of dental restorations. Most importantly, this technology allows the product to be very stable without distortion or drop in value, even after multiple firings.
GC Initial LiSi Press is also perfectly optimized to be used with the already proven GC Initial LiSi veneering ceramic to provide laboratories with the strongest, most user friendly, esthetic, and stable option on the market today.
GC Initial LiSi Press reverses the issues labs have had with other lithium disilicate systems, such as: color stability, surface imperfections, “gray”

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