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results, and distortions after multiple firings. GC Initial LiSi Press keeps a true high chroma regardless of the number of firings, retains color stability, and delivers a stunning, resilient final restoration.
We sat down with high-end lab technician and co-owner of Disa Dental Studio, Bill Marais, RDT to get an inside perspective on the advantages of GC Initial LiSi Press:
Q: What does GC Initial LiSi Press do for you and your lab?
A: I can serve my clients better with more predictability. I have a better ingot to use and it takes the guesswork out of the lab.
Q: What advantages regarding value and stability do you gain from GC Initial LiSi Press?
A: With Ivoclar’s IPS e.max
Press, because of the low
value and the grayness, if I wanted an A2 shade I would
have to pick an ingot down
or a few ingots down. For example, if I wanted an A2,
I would have to pick an A1
or even a B1 ingot, because
that’s a brighter ceramic and
that would help me keep the
value. It’s the same with the chroma. With GC Initial LiSi
Press there is no guessing.
If I want an A2 I just pick an
A2, I don’t have to address
this grayness or loss in value anymore.
Q: How are the overall esthetics of GC Initial LiSi Press
versus IPS e.max Press?
A: So far, with the cases I have done, my clients have been overwhelmingly impressed. I’ve gotten phone calls saying, ‘Wow, this looks really natural.’ Because of the value and the grayness of e.max, it looked great on a bench, but once you put it in the mouth, it would just wash out. The feedback I’ve gotten from my clients about GC Initial LiSi Press has been overwhelmingly positive...and that’s huge; to even get those calls that [LiSi Press] is different.
Q: What do you think the primary value of GC Initial LiSi Press
is for doctors you work with and their patients?
A: When someone wants their smile re-done in a smile makeover they
(Lab Technician Bill Marais, RDT)

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