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want that “pop.” Say you’re going for bleach shades, [the patient and doctor] want it to really stick out. With the grayness and value that we had before, it would wash out. If you’re talking about bleach shades, GC Initial LiSi Press definitely has more of a “pop” to it. It’s really nice and bright with value. Then, as far as esthetics and trying to match natural teeth, we’ve got the enamel ingot and we’ve never had that before. A doctor will cut enamel off of the tooth structure and we’ve never had an ingot before where we could replace that enamel. We had to use layered porcelain, which is weaker. For the first time, we have enamel-replacing ingots, which is huge because if the doctor cuts off the enamel, why aren’t we putting that enamel back onto the tooth structure?
Because we haven’t had that choice until now, we’ll one hundred percent be getting more natural appearances. It’s making my shade matching way easier when I’m doing single tooth restorations.
Q: How has GC Initial LiSi Press affected profitability in your lab, as far as costs and time saving benefits?
A: For the type of lab I have that’s not really an issue for me. I don’t pick products because they’re cheap or I’m going to profit more. I’m just being brutally honest. I know as far as more high production labs, definitely the LiSi ingots are cheaper than competitors, but to me, profit is predictability. That’s the main thing. If I don't have to do a re- make then my profit is huge. To answer that question, because of the predictability, I’m getting less cases coming back where I have to fix shades or make alterations. So from that point of view, because of the predictability, the lab is obviously more profitable.
(Rich coloring and resilence)
Q: How has the GC LiSiTM PressVest changed your lab's
production abilities?
A: The ingot on its own has less reaction layer than with the IPS e.max.

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