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When I think less, it’s basically 0. And even if you had to use any other investment on the market, with the ingot alone when pressing you’re going to get a ninety percent less reaction layer. But if you use it in combination with the GC LiSi PressVest, there basically is no reaction layer. That is pretty huge because with the IPS e.max system there is this heavy, heavy reaction layer. I have to put it into an acid bath. I have to sand blast it. From a timesaving point of view and [being] easy to work with, using the GC LiSi PressVest and the GC Initial LiSi Press ingots are making my life so much easier.
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Mr. Bill Marais, RDT
Mr. Bill Marais, RDT, was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to Cape Town at the start of high school. In 1993, he graduated as a RDT after four years of study in Dental Technology from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. After working in a dental laboratory in South Africa for three years, Mr. Marais immigrated to the United States in 1996, receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Prosthetic Sciences. In 1999, Mr. Marais opened his own laboratory, Disa Dental Studio, a one-man laboratory focusing on high-end, complex combination cases, in Santa Monica, CA. In January 2011, he moved his family and the Disa Dental Studio to Portland, OR. Mr. Marais continues his education by attending numerous workshops and courses, including Frank Spears and LVI.

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