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blend for bicuspid and cuspid internal chroma (Fig. 5).
The primary telescopes are re milled at the rectified implant positions, and final polished in preparation for gold electroforming. Gold is electroformed directly to the layered dentin powders using LiSi Initial BLD2 with FD91 in the segmentation. Note that I added a small amount of FD92 on the cuspid (Fig. 6). This provided the more natural increase in chroma and color that is often associated with natural teeth while the core material around the outside of the tooth remained bright. This brightness prevented an inter-proximal illusion of low value that the patient would have found unacceptable.
I next added a second layering of EO15 powders on the cervical. This LiSi powder is my favorite for bleach restorations. I use it for cervical enamel or effect layering in most bleach cases.
In the middle tooth, I added enamel EOP2 and for the troughs in the incisal halo area, I incorporated TO (Fig. 7).
I then fired the restoration in an Ibex at 775 Celsius with a temperature rise of 45 and a 1 minute hold. I smoothed out the restorations, checked contacts and prepared to texture (Fig. 8).
(Fig. 5)
(Fig. 6)
(Fig. 7)
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