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After firing, I drew lines to check deflective and reflexive zones, as well as to verify surface texture (Fig. 9).
I polished the lingual and interproximal cores by hand with silicone polishing wheals. I next layered glaze medium across the teeth facials and fired the restoration at 750 degrees with a ten second hold (Fig. 10).
I polished the teeth with a soft diamond silicon wheel and high-shined the lobes, incisal edges, and margin areas before delivering the case. (Figures 11-13).
I provided patient’s left and right facial, and used a repose view to compare both.
Notice in the final photos that even with bleached teeth, we can still create enough variance in chroma within a bleach spectrum to maintain a toothy appearance without washing everything out in one color. The patient was very pleased with the results and is now proceeding with the lowers.
In educating our patients about the value of chroma in natural teeth we can have a greater variance in color and chroma in bleach cases and deliver bright teeth without the denture look through internal effects and varied potency in color and chroma in the porcelain system.
(Fig. 10)
(Fig. 11)
(Fig. 12)
(Fig. 13)

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