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New Composite and Bonding Techniques
T Article by Dr. Thomas Dudney, DMD
wo new technologies have recently been introduced to improve your direct restorative treatments: G-Premio BONDTM and G-ænial Sculpt® by GC America Inc. G-Premio
BOND is a one bottle, universal (8 generation) adhesive
that has a reliable bond to enamel and dentin and can be used in conjunction with a total etch, self etch, or selective etch technique. It is compatible with all direct restoratives and due to a very thin film thickness (3 μm) can also be used with indirect restorations when light cured. It features a new bottle design for more precise dispensing and temperature control and can be used treat dentin hypersensitivity.
G-ænial Sculpt is a light-cured, universal, nano-hybrid composite with a uniform nano-filler dispersion that provides excellent wear resistance and a very low particle plucking rate. It is available in 17 shades (including opaque and enamel shades) and with its excellent polish and high gloss retention can be used equally well for anterior and posterior
(Fig. 1)
restorations. In addition, GC testing shows additional polish can be gained in mouth for up to 12 months through daily tooth brushing.
The following clinical case will demonstrate the use of G-Premio BOND universal adhesive and G-ænial Sculpt universal, nano-hybrid composite. After administering a local anesthetic, tooth #31 was isolated with a rubber dam for the removal of the occlusal-buccal amalgam (Fig. 1).
After removal of the amalgam and recurrent decay, the tooth was treated with an anti-microbial, rinsed, and lightly air dried (Fig. 2).
A total etch technique was used based on my preference and a desire for higher bond strength to uncut enamel. A ten second application (following manufacturer instructions) of G-Premio BOND (Fig. 3) was
(Fig. 2)
(Fig. 3)

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