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followed by air drying to evaporate the solvent followed by light curing.
Next, a layer of G-ænialTM Universal Flo was placed in the floor of prep and light cured (Fig. 4).
G-ænial Sculpt in a unitip (Shade A-1) was placed, shaped, and light cured in two mm increments (Fig. 5).
G-ænial Sculpt has excellent handling properties in that it is very easy to shape and it stays in place (Fig. 6).
The rubber dam was removed, occlusion checked, and the restoration was polished. The barium glass fillers in G-ænial Sculpt provide a superior polish and high gloss retention and its chameleon effect blends well with surrounding tooth structure (Fig. 7).
Furthermore, this material is self-polishing with tooth brushing and is very radiopaque, making it easy to see on radiographs. G-ænial Sculpt is a great composite of choice for use in many restorative indications.
(Fig. 4)
(Fig. 5)
(Fig. 6)
(Fig. 7)

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