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Self-Adhesive, Aesthetic Posterior Restorative



EQUIA is the first self-adhesive posterior restorative system that balances quick and easy handling with excellent aesthetics:

  • Class I, II and V Restorations
  • Amalgam alternative
  • Composite alternative
  • Pediatric restorations
  • Geriatric restorations
  • Special needs patients
  • High caries risk patients
  • Core build-up
  • High strength and wear resistance

The development of EQUIA was based on the positive feedback from years of clinical experience with high-viscosity GIC restorations, of which longevity has been highlighted again in recent systematic literature reviews.* On this basis, there is evidence that resin coating optimizes the physical properties of the EQUIA restoration. Numerous ongoing, worldwide clinical studies are showing very promising results:*

  • When evaluating 150 restorations retrospectively after two years, it was concluded that EQUIA may be used as a permanent restoration material for any size Class I and in conservative Class II restorations*
  • When compared with micro-hybrid composite resin over a period of 12 months, EQUIA was found to be as efficacious as the micro-hybrid, composite resin system*
  • In a 2011 study of 245 patients covering two years, it has been concluded that the EQUIA system seems to be a reliable choice for long-term dental restorations, even in load-bearing teeth*
  • Clinical results indicate that EQUIA shows an excellent, initial color match*

*Independent studies listed on References Sheet.


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