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G-CEM LinkAce™
A New Generation of Self-Adhesive Resin Luting Cement

G-CEM LinkAce has been optimized to provide a simple solution for the most common challenges clinicians face during indirect restorative procedures.

  • Optimal Self-cure Mode
    • Through a new innovative initiator system (chemical), G-CEM LinkAce offers the highest polymerization in self-cure mode
  • High Bond Durability in One Step
    • The proprietary phosphate monomers of G-CEM LinkAce provide a high bond durability to Zirconia restorations that actually increases over time, a challenging achievement in one step
  • Exceptional Color Stability
    • G-CEM LinkAce shows very low water sorption and is HEMA-free, delivering exceptional color stability, making it the ideal cement selection for all-ceramic and lithium disilicate crowns
  • Unsurpassed Wear Resistance
    • Small homogeneously distributed particles give peace of mind when luting CAD/CAM and metal-free restorations
  • Easy Excess Cement Removal
    • Excess cement is easily removed in one piece after only a 1-2 second tack cure
  • Effortless Delivery System and Packaging
    • Delivered in double-barrel automix syringe, G-CEM LinkAce is designed for the adhesive luting of all-ceramic, metal and composite indirect restorations
    • Automix tips for endodontic procedures are now included in every package
    • In addition to A2 and translucent, shade selection has expanded to include an opaque (AO3) and bleach (BO1)



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