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G-CEM LinkForce™
Dual-cured Adhesive Resin Cement

System Features & Benefits - Multiple Products

  • Offers secured adhesion in all situations with only one system: three base elements
    • G-Premio BOND™ - Bonding to ALL Preparations
    • G-Multi Primer™ - Primer for ALL Restorations
    • G-CEM LinkForce™ - Strength in ALL Indications
  • Light-cured, Dual cure: the choice is yours!
    • Efficient light-curing of both bonding and cement
    • Efficient self-cure mode and option to use G-Premio BOND™ Dual Cure Activator
  • High aesthetic quality and color stability
  • Esthetic & stable solution
    • Color stability over time
    • Tooth–like fluorescence
    • Four shades to match all needs


    G-Premio BOND™
    One-bottle MDP-based universal bond for enhanced strength in all preparations:
  • To tooth structure in self-etch, selective etch & total etch modes
  • Adhesion to metal & resin core
  • Light-cure or dual cure options
    G-Multi Primer™
    One-bottle MDP-based primer for enhanced strength in all restorations:
  • Composites, hybrid ceramics, ceramics, zirconia, alumina, non-precious & precious metal, glass fiber posts
    G-CEM LinkForce™
  • One cement for all indications, all restorations:
    • Ceramics, hybrid ceramics, metal/PFM, zirconia, posts, lithium discilicate (e.max), veneers, inlays and onlays, crowns and bridges
  • Incredible tensile bond strength, flexural strength and esthetics
    G-Premio BOND™ Dual Cure Activator (DCA)
  • Efficient self-cure mode option

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