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G-Premio BOND™
Light-Cured Adhesive

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Item Number Description Quantity
009277 G-Premio BOND Bottle Refill
Contains: One bottle refill (5 mL).
009552 G-Premio BOND Dual Cure Activator (DCA)
Contains: One bottle (3 mL).
009275 G-Premio BOND Kit 
Contains: One bottle (5 mL), 50 disposable applicators and 20 disposable dispensing dishes.
009276 G-Premio BOND Unit Dose 
Contains: Fifty unit doses (0.1 mL) and 50 disposable applicators (fine).
401000 G-ænial Sculpt - Syringe Introductory Kit
Contains: Three syringes (Shade A1, A2 and A3 only; 2 mL each) and 1 G-Premio BOND Refill (5 mL).
401100 G-ænial Sculpt - Unitip Introductory Kit
Contains: Sixty unitips (20 each of: Shade A1, A2 and A3 only; 0.16 mL each) and 1 G-Premio BOND Refill (5 mL).

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