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Resin-Reinforced, Multipurpose Cement

Features and Benefits

  • When increased retention is required, the GC Fuji PLUS Conditioner option:
    • Increases the cement's bond strength to tooth structure
    • Improves the retention of short or tapered crowns
    • The premeasured capsules are easier and faster to use than ever
  • Outstanding bond strength to tooth structure
    • Long lasting restorations
  • Sustained, rechargeable fluoride release
    • Reduces risk of decay at tooth/casting interface
    • Fluoride release is recharged when the patient uses a fluoridated rinse or dentifrice
  • Available in a unique, encapsulated automix delivery system
    • New capsule design
    • Push-button activation; 10-second trituration
    • No hand mixing or clean-up is required
    • No activating appliance needed; consistent mixes every time
  • Extended working time
    • 3'30" working time vs. 2'30" for GC Fuji PLUS
    • Facilitates cementation of long-span bridges, multiple abutment bridges and multiple unit restorations
  • All the added benefits of a true glass ionomer
    • Ionic bonding to tooth structure and metals to optimize the marginal seal
    • Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion to maintain marginal integrity
  • Clinically insoluble when set
    • Minimizes the chance of an early washout
    • Reduces the risk of microleakage
    • Maintains marginal seal
  • Extremely low film thickness
    • Castings sit more easily
    • Reduces chance of high occlusion
  • Smooth, creamy consistency
    • Easy to mix and place
  • Excellent biocompatibility
    • Non-irritating to the tooth structure or soft tissues
  • Radiopaque
    • Facilitates oral diagnosis

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