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Cordless LED Curing Light

Silverlight is a cordless, flexible LED curing lamp that can be taken from "chair to chair" or "operatory to operatory". This extremely lightweight LED curing unit is reliable for curing a 2 mm thick layer in only 10 seconds, which offers a choice between two operating modes: "Fast" and "Slow". Thanks to its high performance level and the long-lasting lithium-ion battery, it will run for 320' cycles of 10 seconds each in succession; recharging takes only 120 minutes (extra battery is not included). Its output can be checked due to the built-in radiometer.

  • Sophisticated optical element focuses the light into the coherent fiber optics
    • "Fast" mode: 10 seconds
    • "Slow" mode: 20 seconds with a progressive increase of the light intensity reaching the peak
      after 3 seconds
    • Light Intensity: Minimum 1200 mW/cm2 - Maximum 1500 mW/cm2
  • Spectra wavelength comprised between 440 nm and 480 nm with a peak at 460 nm (effective on camphorquinone)
  • Lithium-ion battery with no memory effect and a charging time of only 120 minutes with a capacity sufficient for 320 10-second cycles (extra battery is not included)
  • Smooth and compact surface makes the unit easy to disinfect; the rotating (360°) fiberglass light guide and optical protection are sterilizable (at 135ºC)

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