GC Initial® LiSi Block

Lithium Disilicate  CAD/CAM Block for chairside solutions 

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New lithium disilicate block for one appointment dentistry 

GC Initial® LiSi Block is a fully crystallized lithium disilicate block that delivers optimal physical properties without firing. This unique block features GC’s proprietary HDM (High Density Micronization) technology for CAD/CAM dentistry to deliver high wear resistance, smooth margins and esthetic final results. This makes it an ideal, time saving solution for single visit chairside treatments. 

  • Save time, as no firing required
  • Fully crystallized lithium disilicate
  • Du​rable esthetic & accurate margins
  • Natural opalescence 

Just Mill, Polish and Place

GC Initial® LiSi Block can dramatically reduce process time: no need to fire, glaze, characterize and cool. This saves up to 40% in the time* required to create your restorations, also reducing the chair time for you and your patient. You just need to mill, polish and place! 

Source: GC R&D, Japan, Data on file. 
*Under testing conditions based on IFU.

High Density Micronization

Conventional lithium disilicate
(IPS e. max® CAD†) 

HDM technology for CAD/CAM
(GC Initial® LiSi Block) 

Improved glass matrix stiffness for high mechanical strength 

Smaller crystal for easy milling and high wear resistance 

 Source: GC R&D, Japan, Data on file.

More accurate margins

Being fully crystallized before milling, GC Initial® LiSi Block can be milled with smooth and accurate margins directly. Alternatively, it can be fired after staining and maintain great marginal accuracy. 

Simplify Your Office's Luting Process With GC

All cements are different, from glass ionomers to resins. Remembering how to use each of them, especially cements that are new to your practice, can be confusing at times. While these products always include instructions for use, and usually technique cards, keeping track of all these items can be a hassle. Luckily, the digital age has simplified instructional use, making it easier to learn how to use these new products and incorporate them into your daily procedures.

GC Luting Guide is an excellent app available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, which showcases all of GC America’s cements with their indications and step by step use.