Reinforcement Where Core Strength Matters

everX Flow™

Short-Fiber Reinforced Flowable Composite For Dentin Replacement

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everX Flow™ is a highly fracture resistant composite substructure which incorporates unique glass microfibers and full silane coverage technologies. Following the same principles as rebar in construction, the fibers in everX Flow™ strengthen restorations and weakened tooth structure from within to help prevent them from cracking. 

everX Flow™ may be used as a dentin replacement material in bulk filling and core build-up applications. It may also be used in cases where endodontic stability must be restored; for example, in cases where amalgam fillings are being replaced and cracked dentition is present. 

Perfect Thixotropy For Easy Placement and Great Adaptation

 everX Flow™ features a unique thixotropy that will easily adapt to challenging preparations and helps to avoid porosities. Its injectable viscosity allows complete control, providing ease of placement without slumping. Whether you’re delivering material to a maxillary molar, or to a posterior tooth on the mandibular, everX Flow™ will stay where you place it. 

Courtesy of Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix, Spain