Restorations That Cross Generations

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Glass Hybrid Technology

EQUIA® was first launched in 2007, and numerous clinical studies have demonstrated its clinical efficacy in Class I and II restorations* ever since. In 2014, GC’s new glass hybrid technology caused further considerable improvements, leading to the development of EQUIA Forte®. This restorative system combined a self-cure, bulk fill restorative, EQUIA Forte® Fil, laminated with a nano-filled, self-adhesive resin coat, EQUIA Forte® Coat. The new glass hybrid innovation was achieved through introduction of ultra-fine highly reactive glass and high molecular weight polyacrylic acid powders within conventional glass which ensures advanced mechanical properties with improved flow and non-sticky handling. The nano-filled, self-adhesive resin, EQUIA Forte® Coat, ensures optimized marginal seal and wear resistance. 

*See technique guide for suggested cavity preparations. 

Taking glass hybrid to the next level

The strength and handling are further improved in EQUIA Forte® HT by developing an intelligent control of distribution and interaction of these glass particles. Also, EQUIA Forte® Coat is now available in an ergonomic flip-top bottle that minimizes waste. The result? A stron​g restorative with prolonged working time and superb handling that is excellent for bulk-fill placement, even in loadbearing Class II restorations.* 

*See technique guide for suggested cavity preparations. 

Strong & durable

Strong & durable glass hybrid systems offer the strength of the latest innovative glasses combined with the wear resistance of a filled coating. The unique synergy between the coating and the restorative material improves the durability and wear resistance of the restorations.

Superior fluoride release

EQUIA Forte® HT exhibits not only high but prolonged fluoride release. As seen in the graph, EQUIA Forte® HT provides superior fluoride release than that of many restoratives. This class of restoratives can be used in conjunction with MI Paste Plus® and MI Paste® ONE to recharge fluoride content. 

Fast & easy placement

EQUIA Forte® HT has been designed to make your daily restorative work as light and efficient as possible. Since rubber dam placement and adhesive application are obsolete, the restoration can be finished in no time. It is a material that is easy to use, yet the longevity is not compromised.