Simplicity, esthetics and performance in your hands

G-ænial A'CHORD

The advanced universal composite with unishade simplicity

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G-ænialA’CHORD Revolution From GC

With more than 100 years of experience in serving dentistry and over one billion composite restorations worldwide, GC introduces its proprietary High-performance Pulverised CERASMART® (HPC) filler and Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) technologies with its latest universal composite G-ænial A’CHORD which brings together simplification, invisible fillings, natural fluorescence and advanced technologies in one syringe

G-ænial A’CHORD is a universal composite that delivers long lasting, invisible restorations. Designed to save time and therefore costs, it brings together superior technology in a straightforward product. Now you can feel truly confident using a material with effortless handling even in challenging cases. 


  • simplified unishade system
  • simplified handling
  • simply universal


  • natural fluorescence
  • long-lasting gloss
  • extreme challenges

Revolutionary Technology

  • proprietary filler and coating
  • high stain and wear resistance
  • excellent radiopacity

Simplified Unishade

G-ænial A’CHORD always delivers more: a simplified unishade system of five core shades that achieves the esthetics of the 16 classic Vita® shades with ease. With this reduced inventory, you will save time and costs. Its unique filler technology mimics natural light reflection resulting in impressive invisible restorations. 






Simplified Handling

G-ænial A’CHORD provides consistently simplified handling, whether sculpting with a hand instrument or using a brush. This is enabled by the non-sticky Bis-MEPP monomer and optimized filler-monomer combination of proprietary FSC and HPC technology (GC data on file). 

Simply Universal

G-ænial A’CHORD offers the combination of esthetics and strength for both anterior and posterior restorations in one straightforward package. 

Courtesy of Dr A. Mak, Australia

Courtesy of Dr R. Asparuhov, Bulgaria

Natural Fluorescence

G-ænial A’CHORD creates a beautifully invisible and naturally fluorescent end result under any lighting conditions, including black light, giving patients a truly confident smile

Near-UV 404 nm initial situation
G-ænial A’CHORD veneer on tooth 11
Conventional composite veneer on tooth 11 

Courtesy of J. Tapia Guadix, Spain 

Long-lasting Gloss

G-ænial A’CHORD polishes exceptionally and retains a high gloss thanks to its specialised proprietary technology with uniform nanofiller distribution and high filler load.

Time-saving results: The remarkable high gloss achieved with minimal polishing.

Invisible Esthetics Even for Extreme Challenges

In addition to its five core shades, G-ænial A’CHORD extends its portfolio with two cervical shades for elderly patients, three opaque for masking discoloration, two enamel for life-like translucency and two bleach shades for brighter smiles, thus making it possible to create invisible fillings even for extreme challenges.

Courtesy of Dr W. Boujemaa, France 

Proprietary Filler and Coating

G-ænial A’CHORD represents another significant step forward in the advancement of composite materials. It is the combination of two remarkable proprietary technologies created by GC; Full-Coverage Silane Coating (FSC) and High Performance Pulverised CERASMART® (HPC). The result? The ideal synergy between advanced physical properties such as wear resistance1, gloss retention1 and low discoloration2 with simplified handling, providing the clinician excellent adaptation to the cavity preparation. Reducing placement time, it provides excellent marginal integrity and consistently yields natural-looking restorations!

G-ænial A’CHORD 
 Tetric® EvoCeram®†
 Filtek Universal 
 Clearfil Majesty ES-II

1. Source: GC R&D, Japan, 2019. Data on file.
2. Mizukami et al. IADR2020. Evaluation of Water Sorption and Colour Stability of Paste-Resin Composite. J Dent Res. 2020;99 Spec Issue A: #​2471. 

Backed By Data

†Tetric® EvoCeram® are registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent. Filtek™ Universal is a trademark of 3M. TPH Spectra® ST is a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona. Omnichroma™ is a trademark of Tokuyama Corporation.  Clearfil™ Majesty ES-II is a trademark of Kuraray America Inc. Vita® is a registred trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik.