A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of...



A healthy smile greatly contributes to your quality of life


Aadva IOS



GC America Proudly Introduces the NEW Product:

Aadva™ IOS
Intra-oral Scanning System





Digital Dentistry Support Services

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Digital technology is one of the fastest-growing segments of the dental market worldwide and digital processes are increasingly determining everyday practice in dental offices and laboratories. GC has taken a leading role in promoting and supporting the expansion of the digital highway, as we are convinced that it will bring further progress to dentistry.

Together with you, we want to approach digital dentistry procedures with the highest possible level of confidence to ensure clinical success and predictable and aesthetically pleasing results.

Our European team of dental experts and customer service specialists offer a fresh approach to digital dentistry. We offer industry leading customer support and service for digital dental technology. We educate and empower dentists and dental labs with innovative digital communication and prosthetic solutions, not only in the field of digital dentistry, but also all consumables needed in the entire workflow.
  • GC America offers a large selection of products required in digital dentistry, and supports the digital interaction between the dental practice and laboratory, taking individual treatment procedures into account. The challenge is to develop a digital solution concept that helps to optimise the treatment process, so that you can concentrate entirely on offering the best possible service to your patients.
  • We pursue a long-term partnership. Our aim is to support you professionally and competently in the development and expansion of a suitable digital solution for your practice or laboratory. The challenge is to create an individual solution that takes account of all aspects of the internal and external workflow in the best way possible.
  • One complex issue is data exchange between the practice and the laboratory, which must be well planned and thought out so that the new machine can be used efficiently. With our Digital Services Platform, we are setting important new standards. Focus is placed on the digital prosthetic workflow between the practice and the laboratory, including services such as individual consulting, education and training.
We have the right blend of experience and technology for your dental procedures to expect better, faster and more consistent results. We therefore offer you:
  • Training on digital dentistry related software
  • Advice on how to integrate digital dentistry into your workflow
  • Support on Aadva IOS related questions
  • Maintenance and repair of Aadva IOS

By means of the cloud based Aadva Digital Service Platform, our service team will be able to support you in any of the above mentioned cases. It goes without saying that you can also reach us by phone or e-mail.
GC America Digital Dentistry Support Team
Phone 2 Icon for Digital Support 800.238.1544
Email 2 Icon for Digital Support digitalsupport.gcamerica@gc.dental