GC was founded by:

Kiyoshi Nakao, Yoshinosuke Enjo and Tokuemon Mizuno on 11 February 1921 in Tokyo, Japan.
In 2021 we celebrate
"100 years of Quality in Dental"

GC America's Education Center

GC America Proudly Introduces:

GC Initial® LiSi Block -

Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

GC America Proudly Introduces:


The ONE that simplifies all cementation procedures

GC America Proudly Introduces:

G2-BOND Universal -

The new standard of 2-bottle Universal Bonding

GC America Proudly Introduces:


GC America Proudly Introduces:

GC FujiCEM® Evolve

Resin-reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

GC America Proudly Introduces:


Bulk Fill Glass Hybrid Restorative

GC America Proudly Introduces:


Modular Composite System for Indirect Restorations

GC America Proudly Introduces:

GC Fuji® Automix LC

Resin-reinforced Light-cured Glass Ionomer Restorative with Ergonomic Dispenser

GC America Proudly Introduces:

G-ænial™ BULK Injectable

Universal Light-Cured Injectable Composite for Bulk Fill Restorations

GC America Proudly Introduces:

G-ænial™ Universal Injectable

Universal Light-Cured Radiopaque Injectable Composite

GC America Proudly Introduces:

MI Paste® ONE

One Step Toothpaste with RECALDENT™ Technology

GC America Proudly Introduces:

GC Initial® LiSi Press

High Strength Lithium Disilicate with HDM Technology

GC America Proudly Introduces:


Force Absorbing, Flexible Nano Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

Preventive Chevron 1 Preventive Efficient prevention is the key in oral care to keep the patient's mouth healthy and free of caries. Tests were also developed which help to detect and assess any potential caries risk factors in an early phase, and on several levels. These products are important in patient education and to encourage them to make changes in their diet or oral hygiene habits where necessary in order to reduce their caries susceptibility.

MI Paste® ONE Perio

MI Paste® ONE Kids
Anti-Gingivitis Toothpaste with
RECALDENT® Technology and Stannous Fluoride
The 2-In-1 Solution For Kids!

Preventive Pg GC Fuji TRIAGE Image
Glass ionomer sealant with ‘Extra Protection’
incorporating RECALDENT® (CPP-ACP)
Glass Ionomer Sealant & Surface Protectant
Preventive Pg GC Tri Plaque ID Gel Image
GC Tri Plaque ID Gel™
Preventive Pg MI Paste Image
MI Paste®
Dental Plaque Disclosing Gel Topical Tooth Crème Containing Calcium & Phosphate
Preventive Pg MI Paste ONE Image
MI Paste® ONE
Preventive Pg MI Paste PLUS Image
MI Paste Plus®
One Step Toothpaste with RECALDENT® Technology Topical Tooth Crème Containing Calcium, Phosphate & Fluoride
Preventive Pg MI Varnish Image
MI Varnish®
Preventive Pg GC Dry Mouth Gel Image
GC Dry Mouth Gel
Bioavailable Calcium, Phosphate & Fluoride for an Enhanced Varnish Treatment For Discomfort due to Dry Mouth
Preventive Pg Saliva Check BUFFER Image
Saliva-Check BUFFER
In Vitro Test for pH & Saliva Buffering Capacity for 20 Tests